Some say greedy. But I, say hungry
The savage inside comes alive not because it’s a beast
But simply a soul trying to survive.
Why do this? Why do that? Sit down you do too much.
Words that haunt my everyday struggle.
Work hard now and live easy a wise man once said.
Easy…yeah that’s nice…Wake up to no worries,
The aroma of fresh air, birds happily singing with…no worries.
My heart bleeding out to show my loyalty.
Dripping sweat until I can’t see to show my hard work. And
cry tears to show how much I want it.
Word hard and live easy so my little ones won’t feel this way.
Now the million dollar question is..
If you were hungry wouldn’t a beast emerge too?

Anonymous asked:
is starvation really a bad way to lose weight?

"I don’t know, I just got a feeling about her, you know when a song comes on and you just got to dance"

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